Some of our friends

Joe Mac
Joe and John go back a very long way to earlier days when we were both playing guitar in local bands, learning our apprentiship so to speak. Joe then followed his heart and seriously got into the music he really loved, playing bluegrass banjo. Joe spent 14 yrs playing with head lining bluegrass band "Out To Grass" He played with Nancy Whiskey of "Freight Train" fame and is presently with bluegrass duo "The Old Grey Dogs" and is also tenor banjo player with Corby Irish band "The Skibbereen" Joe regularly works in the recording studio as a freelance session man for various well known artists. He also had the great pleasure and honour of sitting on the panel as a judge for the British competition of 5 string banplayers .ForFor more of Joe's music and pictures plus lots more, visit Joe @ Banjo Hangout, a site dedicated to lovers of this wonderful instrument that few musicians manage to master. Banjo Hangout here
Email Joe :- here   UK Mobile  07957436673

Johan Hackman
Johan comes from Stockholm, Sweden. I first heard of Johan while surfing the "Fostex" forums looking for some info on my 16 track recorder.(VF160) I came across a song section where users could upload/download their recordings for other users to listen to and compare results as we all were using the same basic equipment. I was knocked out with the results Johan was achieving. He mixes opera with rock, classical with pop, hardcore with humour, sings and plays just about everything you can think off. Nearly threw my VF160 in the bin. Plenty of inspiration there. Strap on your snow boots and take a sledge to Stockholm and visit Johan Hackman  here
and yes, it was me who asked him to translate his website into English

Frosty was the technician in charge of all sound and lighting at The Hotel Coronas Playa in Lanzarote 2013/2014. We soon picked up that Frosty has many other talents other than making us look and sound good. He filmed and produced our promo video showreal View here He also plays keyboards, drums and bass and when he is not busy working abroad he and his father run a successful PA and lighting hire business from home in the UK. An all round great guy and most helpful to anyone who worked with him. Many thanks for rescuing the Apple Mac from drinking too much red vino on one occasion. You can visit Frosty's website here

John Headley
Another gifted local personality who writes his own songs, plays guitars, sings, records, hosts mobile disco's, karaoke's and generally is an all round total headcase (in a nice way) John, to his credit, has written and recorded songs for Bruce Forsyth, Trevor McDonald, Lily Savage and Joan Collins. He has played with The Tornado's, Ricky Vallence, Heinz...too many to mention here. You can visit this multi talented nutter on "My Space" here or to book John, visit his Disco/Karaoke website  here

Spike D.M.
Spike Design and Marketing is a graphic design and marketing company run by Jarno and Leanne Barratt. Small in size but large by design. They are the peeps responsible for this website originally. From A3 posters to a stand at the N.E.C. these are the peeps to talk to. So, if you are running the local womans Derby and Joan Club at the village hall or maybe promoting your multi-million pound company, contact can be made  here