Our Demo
Here is just a few samples of our music we perform.
Click on a title to download the mp3 sample

Mr Blue Sky (1.93MB)   Take A Little Piece (1.38MB)

Hotel California (1.92MB)   Little White Lies (1.91MB)

Devil Gate Drive (1.28MB)   Missing You (1.55MB)

Miss You Nights (1.95MB)   Come Up & See Me (1.09MB)

Brick In The Wall (1.08MB)   Since You've Been Gone (1.61MB)

Dead and Gone (1.41MB)   Road To Hell (1.84MB)

Go Your Own Way (1.31MB)  Black Velvet (2.40MB)

The Voice (1.46MB)   Luka (1.67MB)

We Gotta Get Out Of This Place (1.91MB)